Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well it looks like the Blog has finally come into being. How exciting. I dont normally do the blog thing and I am not on face book. When I was your kids age I did have that kind of crap. Nate knows what I am talking about, life is alot different from your mid twenties. I am really old. 26. I didn't do much for my birthday, I was going to go to New York with my family but then we got lazy. We went the weekend before though and it was nice. I am learning with Matt just how hard manual work is. Well I kind of knew but you forget. You come home and all you want to do is sleep and watch TV. I watch soccer games that I have Tivoed (perhaps a new verb). Ecuador lost 3-0 to Germany today. That was sad because one of my co-workers is from Ecuardor. Actually my boss and five other co-workers have taken three afternoons off to watch the Trinad and Tabago games, they also lost today and are out. It is their first time in the cup and their country only has a million people. (New York city has 11 million) I am getting into it. I have also had the chance to run into a few good old friends. I went skateboarding with my friend and his two year old daughter the other day. She has her own skateboard with pink wheels that she rides on her stomach. When my friend Jay falls she is quick to ask, "Are you OK Daddy?" He isn't. He thinks he cracked a rib. A reminder why old people stop skateboarding. Still sense I am refered to as uncle Lance it was truly a blessing to spend time with Lilly. I miss you all. I will be at the Francis house on Friday afternoon. Come say Hi. I am really excited to see the garden too. I hope the cucumber plant is going to make it. I love you all, Lance.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

its recently been brought to my attention that i have neglected to include people in my email updates. i am so sorry. if you want to get updates on what i am experiencing, learning, thinking about, etc, while i am in south africa just email me and i will add you to the list. my email is foreverweakforeverable@yahoo.com sweet. and once again sorry. bye


Friday, June 16, 2006

wow. i have so much to say, i feel like it has been forever, and I read all your posts and want to comment on everything. First, announcements.
Happy Birthday to Nate, Sylvee, Bill, Aaron, and my lovely boyfriend Lance!!! I'm sorry to all those I was not able to be there or call-camp keeps me massively busy. I wish all your birthdays were not in June when I'm away, but I hope they all were the best and will be.
Second, Jason-I have seen that commerical, i can't remember where but i remember seeing it and falling in love with it. I'm honored that you would remember me everytime you see it. I can't tell you how happy that makes me, and I had never seen the making of it before and that was really sweet too. It's a little blurry on my screen, so if it is for the rest of you, it's like 20x better when it's clear. I LOVE BOUNCY BALLS, and he said it makes you feel like a kid and everything is happy. joy.
for those that dont know-lance's birthday is on Sunday the 18th-otherwise known as Father's Day. Our little man is growing up, that 26 year old!!! watch out francis house.
matt d-i didn't know you were down in VA with macy for the summer.. who would have known. that's sweet though, and i'm glad you found a community place. it makes me happy, and makes me wish i could be there and shuck peas.
i saw brad last sunday at camp-i was so excited. he came out of no where at the skate park, and i felt at home again, like i was back at the francis house. i miss you all so much.
Camp is going alright. we had our first week of campers this last week-week 1!! whoa, after being at camp since may 22. training was rough, but God pulled me through, through a lot of brokenness, and i suppose i really am building relationships. the hard thing is, i get switched around every week, so my counselors are constantly changing. for those of you who dont know, i am an Area Director, so i am in charge of counselors and campers, lots of them-leadership. it's quite a shift for me to be in this leadership position, and i am constantly thinking of things i need to do, and going 100 miles an hour, and spewing out information to people. the whole time i struggle with what people think of me, or maybe im not doing enough. again, i guess i have to learn to rest, but at the same time keep myself challenged, since i make my own daily schedule. it's quite interesting. i do need a lot of prayer, always, as well as my girls and counselors.
being here has really changed me though, at least during training i really had to rely on God in HUGE ways. i can't even begin to say. this weekend i have a break, and im glad to check the blog and learn how you guys are doing. i miss you all a TON, and im so blessed to have you guys. at my leadership campfires and things i always talk about community, it's lovely, and sharing milk. i think i am inspiring people.

guys, i love you each so much, i dont know how to begin. i miss you all.

ps next friday, june 23 i 'll be picking lance up on my way back from camp cuz we're going to a wedding in lansing, so i'll be around a bit. you all are beautiful and so encouraging to me.

Color Like No Other
so i dont know if you guys have seen this commecial already in the u.s. but i just saw it the other night and its flipping amazing. Daina. this is mostly for you. i think of you every time i see this and i am pretty sure that you would love this commercial. you have to watch it. then if you are really stoked about it you can watch the making of the commercial. which is equally or if not cooler than the commercial. here's the commercial:

this is real. to make it even more amazing. watch the making of video:

-love Jason

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

hello friends. this is jason. the blog called me today and told me how lonely it was...i have been neglecting it. so yeah. i'm housesitting here for a little while and here's a little poem i wrote today

the ant death toll in the bathroom
its 38
legs, feelers, abdomens
turn to paste under my fingers
i stood at the sink
the massacre ensued
insect fluids
black smeared skin
i'll take on the whole colony
one at a time

i miss you all. if anyone wants to be put on my mailing list of what i am learning and experiencing just email me at foreverweakforeverable@yahoo.com.

i got some pictures from spain developed and will put some up soon. But for now here's one with a german, and dutch guy i walked with. they were cool and always insisted on paying for my food and drink. i didnt complain.
I heart you.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hey friends-

Before you decide to drop out of college and do manual labor for the rest of your life, know that your body can't take it.

I just finished my first week as a brick mason's laborer, a job that pays well but definitely is a summer job, not a profession.

VA has been sweet for many reasons:
1) time with my girlfriend Macy
2) physically hard, rewarding work
3) getting a taste of Christian "life" at a secular school
4) Living with James Madison Young Life leaders(that love to burn things)
5) stumbling apon a community center(called "Our Community Place"-http://www.ourcommunityplace.org/) in the downtown that is connected to a collective restraunt-(http://littlegrillcollective.blogspot.com/)

Last night there was music in downtown Harrisonburg, VA, where OCP(Our Community Place) was giving out free food(with a donation bowl). Macy and I shucked peas for a couple hours with the Ron's kids, the organizer of this community. It was a fun time filled with Brazilian music, kids dancing, and lots and lots of peas!

Check OCP's website out-I can't wait to learn more stuff about Community, holly geez.


-Matt D

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

this is a joint effort, this is brad. aaron will also be contributing as he is trying to go to bed and i'm going to keep him up now by asking him what to write on the blog.

*aaron speaking*

"um, what did you write first? about the garden? um, tell people that we have 6 tomato plants, and when the tomatoes are ripe they need to eat them because i don't like tomatoes. and tell them that they should, um, each start their own little garden for the summer, it's not too late. grow lettuce, beans, go to the store and buy a tomato plant, or a pepper plant, whatever. it's your turn brad."

i just read it to him.

ok so we have a lot more than tomatoes, lance planted lots of things as well so this is his garden too. we need to take some pictures and put them up here so that he can see the progress. lance, your cucumber plant is still alive, barely. we think it's going to come back though.

what else? i watched the virgin suicides today for the first time. it was alright i suppose. i don't know. it just seemed like a "this is what happened" movie and that was about it. basically i didn't really find it anything special because i really didn't have a reaction either way about it and i don't know, maybe that's my problem but whatever. i did watch the Big Lebowski a week ago. it had a been a long time since i'd seen it and i think it gets better every time you watch it. so yep. go watch it again. oh, and don't forget to send mail to jason.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

this is my very first post and i'm feeling pretty good about it.
so shelly and i have moved into 2026 Francis and we're having a pretty good time. Please stop by anytime. We'd love to have you. I just started my job doing research for Gail Heffner and Claudia Beversluis about integrating Place, Community, and Liberal Arts Education. It looks like I'm going to learn a lot and be really inspired. So far I've been reading some sweet articles about Place and the power it has in our lives, so if you would like to borrow them that would be totally wonderful.

Also, some of us deeply need prayer. Pray for Daina ferverantly at Spring Hill. Pray for Teresa's spirit. Pray for my heart because Matt and I have ended things.