Wednesday, August 30, 2006

that purple tube is quite peculier.

hey, it's me, brad. i'm in the itc printing some biz out and and so i thought i'd write a little bit and it seeing how the blog has died...i suppose it doesn't matter that much. aaron is a loser and nate needs to be more polite. now that that's out of the way.

i freak out sometimes for no reason, it's okay though, cause i realize it. yeah, yesterday i had a bad day. no, it wasn't related to freaking out, but i thought i would tell you guys about it. i first i had a flat tire and my hands got really greasy and yeah. then i had a bunch of ear-wigs run out of the sunflower tops while they were sitting on the kitchen counter and it made me freak out. THEN, i drove all the way to holland to pic up wedding photos AFTER i had called them to make sure they'd be open. it takes me almost an hour to get there because of stupid construction traffic getting into zeeland, and when i arrive it's closed. yeah, i'm stupid, for some reason when i listened to their automated message about their store hours, i thought it was thursday and they'd be open till 8. so i wasted lots of gas and time. but at least i didn't get another flat tire!

i need to shower and shave and do laundry. then i need to finish moving my stuff around so lance isn't encumbered by my stuff...if i can use it that way. yep. i made my own oragami thing the other day while waiting around for danielson to play. i had completly forgotten about it till i went through my wallet a few minutes ago. it's sort of a flower sorta not. yep. i don't remember how i made it exactly but that's fine by me. it just means that the next time i decide to make random paper foldings i won't get stuck in the same design mode as this last creation. so there.

p.s.- jason WADOWSKI is coming back the weekend after labor day and we better be meeting during that week, as in bible study dealy...yep


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