Sunday, August 20, 2006

These two girls right here, Jenny and Nattie, are going to be moving to Grand Rapids in the fall. I worked at camp with them and they are amazing and beautiful and they want to join our community and go to Mars Hill and live life with good people. I'm so excited, so I wanted you all to meet them and love them and welcome them in to some of our dinners and things. I'M SO EXCITEDDD... ahh i love them.
i am back from camp and have a little bit of down time until school starts. I'm not really sure what to do with myself. Does anyone have any ideas? I love you all,

ps i've been thinking a lot about prayer, and i think we should all start praying for the community for the fall and all the decisions. I am praying at least. ( :
And... Matt DeHoog-will you please tell me when you are getting married???? i just want to know and be excited for you. WHERE ARE YOU??? i miss you.


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